Performance Skating Playbook: | CHI vs. WSH (9-16-19)

Alexander Nylander of the Chicago Blackhawks sets up a great play with a deceptive fake pass to the strong side defense. From the initial play, he creates a sequence of two rapid evasive changes of direction to create space between him and the Capitals player who is covering him. Nylander makes the pass back to the strong side defense where Erik Gustafsson steps into a slapshot taken mid-stride that catches the goaltender off-guard and results in an outstanding goal.

An alternate play could result in Nylander still making the fake pass back to the strong side defense and cutting back to the net off of the wall and producing a quick shot on net with all of the traffic positioned in front of the goalie.

For our second play, the left side defense for the Chicago Blackhawks displays an excellent ability to maneuver the puck through traffic which results in a deflection off of the Blackhawks forward who is positioned down low in the crease. Adam Boqvist with the Blackhawks pressures from the right side of the ice and picks up the rebound, displaying excellent hand-eye coordination in order to settle down the bouncing puck as he skates mid-stride.

As he cuts around the back of the net, he executes an impressive heel-to-heel movement which allows him to re-position himself to face the net before unleashing a devastatingly quick snap shot that goes top shelf over the Capitals' goalie.

As an alternate play, instead of taking a low percentage shot down low below the face-off dot, Boqvist could have hit the left side defense with a pass in the high slot followed by a drive to the net for a possible tip-in from a point shot.


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