The Performance Skating Program™ is our technical skating development program. Modeled after our consultation with NHL and professional hockey athletes, The Performance Skating Program™ focuses on technical corrective skating development using the proprietary Apex Skating Coaching Paradigm designed to assess and correct movement asymmetry. Coupled with advancements in state-of-the-art technology to quantify progress, The Performance Skating Program™ is designed to help each Apex Skating Client take their game to the next level.
The game of hockey is comprised of a state of organized chaos in which athletes must battle against forces that the human body must absorb and transfer for efficient and effective movement. The Performance Skating Program™ helps hockey athletes develop optimal postural alignment in order to leverage their mass and momentum, master their movements, and absorb and transfer force for maximal power production and speed generation.

Each Performance Skating Program™ Client receives:
  • Functional Skating Analysis Report consisting of quantitative and qualitative analysis of skating biomechanics integrating High Speed Video and 3D Motion Capture Technology - a first in the hockey development industry

  • High Speed Video Conducted throughout the entirety of the Performance Skating Program™ to track and mentor progress

  • Guaranteed 4-to-1 Client to Skating Movement Specialist ratios, for maximal individual feedback and personalized instruction

  • Proprietary on-ice video technology for instant technical correction and visual learning
  • The Apex Skating coaching team of active, passionate and professional Skating Movement Specialists, who bring positive energy and enthusiasm to every development session

  • Branded Apex Skating jersey 

Space in The Performance Skating Program™ is limited - RSVP today. Open to competitive-level hockey players. Apex Skating reserves the right to group clients on ice according to age and skill level to maximize coaching feedback, curriculum and ice management.

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