Apex Skating is a Global Leader in Skating Movement Development, founded in 2015 by Business Partners Shane Byrne and Dan Bittle. Innovation is in our DNA - Our Mission is to harness the foundations of Movement Science and Technology, and to motivate our Apex Skating Clients to reach new levels of success on the ice, and in life. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Our Team consults internationally, helping athletes achieve new pinnacles in skating performance.


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Apex Skating specializes in utilizing the principles of Anatomy, Exercise Physiology, and Movement Biomechanics in our Testing Methods and Coaching Paradigm. We utilize state-of-the-art advancements in technology to track and quantify progress, to provide our Apex Skating Clients with the tools to learn, and to move more efficiently.


Apex Power Skating Movement Specialists


We are passionate about the development and success of our Apex Skating Clients. We have assembled a World-Class Team of extremely qualified, energetic, and motivated Skating Movement Specialists. Each with a diverse background, our team comprises of former professional-level players, educators, exercise physiologists, and strength and conditioning coaches.

Our passion and positive energy are our trademarks! Our unique combination of forward-thinking sport science academia, coupled with real world playing career experience, allows us to stay ahead of the curve, lead industry trends, and provide a world-class hockey development experience.