Our son has been enjoying the sessions and continues to be motivated to go, which is great! I feel that he has improved since beginning the sessions and tries to pay more attention when he is skating and doing drills. He has commented that he really likes his coaches, and likes working with Brandon. I've also noticed that all of you are great at getting his attention and are checking in with him during the sessions, you all have a lot of patience! Keep up the great work!


Our daughter just completed her on-ice training with Apex last Thursday and she absolutely loved it. There was a variety of drills that kept her interested and you keep her challenged throughout the week. I wanted to thank you for taking the time to address some of her specific needs. With your assistance she has developed a longer, more powerful stride and an overall increase in confidence level. This is now evident on the ice as her performance has steadily increased.


Our daughter gave us great feedback about the camp. She loved every minute of it. We noticed an improvement the very next day at her game. She seemed to have a more powerful stride. Your team has a great way of motivating the kids and helping them to reach their full potential. You also make the training fun. We will definitely be back for more camps.


So far we have attended three sessions and it has been really good for our son. We really like the level of attention and the focus on skating technique. All of this is combined with a fun atmosphere. Keep up the good work.


I wanted to take two minutes to thank you for the great program you guys ran this spring! My son loved it and he said he hopes you guys will be running it again next year. Coming back from a back injury, he was a bit afraid to hit the ice again, but you guys managed to make him gain all his confidence back. Thank you! Great job from all your team!  It shows you guys take the time to pick the people that work for you. They all show a great interest in the kids they work with and they all look so professional!  It's really great to see them interact with the kids, great role models for them.


The 12 Week Program exceeded our expectations by proving to be a superior skating/hockey program that we have ever attended in the city. Through repetitions and constant motivation, Dan, Shane and the other skating coaches focused on helping our son improve all aspects of skating. Since the end of the program, we have seen a positive difference in his skating ability. As such, we will strongly recommend Apex Skating to any player who is ready and willing to take their skating skills to the next level.


I just wanted to pass along some feedback as my daughter did the camp last Friday. Our daughter was one of the ringette girls. She really loved it and said you were all awesome. She got a lot out of it and we were really impressed. She will certainly be back for more of your camps. Thanks so much!


Thank you for the constant follow up and information, it's refreshing to deal with business people who understand the concept of great service!


I must tell you that as a former player I am very impressed with the level of coaching on the ice. I saw dedicated and focused drills with excellent demonstrations. I also saw coaches engaging with the players and offering words of encouragement or correction.


My girls loved the ringette camp.  The ratio of coaches to kids was great, and the coaches were wonderful.  They really made the girls work hard, but also made it fun for them.  I was a bit worried that my 7-year-old might find it too much to be on the ice so long, but she loved it.  It was well organized and fun.  Congrats to the whole team of coaches!


The power skating experience was a great start for our daughter, who is new to ringette this year and who has loved skating for many years. Also - her skating improved so much that her team is now in the finals for the championship game. In the game following March Break, our daughter (who plays centre) scored some nice goals and had control of the ring and play quite a bit more than usual - her skating was so improved all the parents on the team were interested in how she had acquired such a big improvement in her skills - so an endorsement for your program!


The best part is that there is no escape; I have seen so many power skating classes where half the students goof around. Small ratios, and most importantly, the two owners roam the groups and get involved. I see that the kids are focused, and it goes another level when the two owners check in! Those two do care; as heads, they could "take a break" while their staff teach - but not here. It's "all in", with laughs included. I also really like a set schedule and location with minimal changes. That was a factor in my decision to choose Apex Skating.


We are so thrilled with your program and the way you instruct, model, give feedback and give encouragement to these young athletes.  We have just witnessed our son, "figure something out", something he did not get before today. It is clear that you have an in-depth knowledge of many important aspects such as biomechanics, planning for progression and how to connect with young hockey players.


As both a coach and a father, I had the fantastic experience of having Apex Skating come out with my hockey teams and also to have my son work with them. As a coach, I found Apex Skating was reliable and provided development through a systematic, hands-on, personalized approach, taking input from me on what I wanted the team to work on. They treated each player in a positive manner while bringing lots of energy and providing instruction for the players to improve. As a father, my son took part in Apex Skating sessions and Close Quarter Battle Camps, where he learned to increase his agility and speed while also learning how to use those skills in a small space with a puck against an opponent. 
The experience was excellent from my perspective and from my son. The coaches and founders of Apex Skating have assembled a knowledgeable, personable energetic staff that employs a thorough, progressive science-based program combining both technology and the art of coaching to create a unique teaching experience. Their attention to detail of the fundamentals combined with their ability to hold the kids attention makes Apex Skating one of the top programs that exist in the world. The progress and enthusiasm of my son and players is also matched by the other participants I have seen at Apex.


Thanks again to you and all the Apex Skating team for your work with my son this fall. He loved every minute on the ice with you all and has poured over the videos you sent of what he needs to work on. The program was amazing and his skating has really gotten so much faster and stronger. Mostly though, you and the Apex teams have done wonders for his self-confidence and maturity.