Apex Skating Technology

Innovation is in our DNA. We are passionate about utilizing the latest advancements in state-of-the-art technology to help our clients unlock opportunities to improve hockey performance and take their game to new heights. Through our collaborative research and development partnerships with technology industry leaders, hockey equipment manufacturers, and academic institutions, Apex Skating is at the forefront of hockey development. We believe in looking toward the future to help the athletes of today.

3D Motion Capture

Apex Skating is the industry leader in using 3D Motion Capture technology to quantify and correct asymmetry in skating movement. The system wirelessly collects and measures kinematic data, such as joint range of motion, in a dynamic environment. Our proprietary analysis process utilizes the biometric data to create individualized training interventions to correct inefficiencies in skating movement patterns.

Foot Pressure Mapping

Our foot pressure mapping technology provides dynamic information for foot function and skating biomechanics analysis. The system captures force values transfered from the kinetic chain, through the skate, and into the ice surface. Force production correlates to speed generation, which gives a player the competitive advantage by creating separation between them and their opponent. Pressure mapping technology is also utilized to analyze symmetry in plantar pressure and to calculate the trajectory of center of pressure (CoP) within the hockey skate (which measures how pressure is distributed within the skate) during a movement pattern.

Video Technology

Another first in the hockey development industry - Apex Skating utilizes both high speed cameras and on-ice video technology to provide a qualitative analysis approach to optimizing postural alignment and correcting asymmetry in skating movement patterns. Our video technology also allows for our Skating Movement Specialists to provide instant technical correction and personalized active feedback, creating an engaging and immersive learning environment for our clients.