Holiday Break 2020 Dynamic Reaction Training Skills Clinic (Minto)

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Apex Skating is running a specialized reaction-based hockey skills clinic using our own proprietary vision/cognitive training app, IQVision. This high-performance clinic is the first of its kind in the hockey industry and will help your player take their game to the next level by challenging their situational awareness and peripheral vision skills.

The first hour of the camp will comprise of intensive small-group based skills training, focusing on in-game situations and position-specific drills. The second hour will comprise of full-ice tactics and flow drills.

Register today! Open to 2010/2009/2008/2007 competitive-level hockey players. Each participant will receive an Apex Skating branded jersey.

2571 Lancaster Road, Ottawa (Minto Skating Centre)
Monday, December 28th and Tuesday, December 29th
11AM-1PM each day