Spring 2020 First Strike™ Program - South/East Ottawa (Minto) - Tuesdays

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Action is quicker than reaction. The First Strike™ Program returns this Spring 2020, and is designed to enhance and develop shooting technique integrating the Apex Skating science-based coaching methodology founded in exercise science and movement biomechanics.

Apex Skating athletes will learn how to effectively maintain proper posture and kinetic chain alignment, develop proper puck placement/positioning, improve sequential weight transfer for maximal power production, learn how to maintain proper stick control for shot velocity and release quickness, and optimize proper follow-through technique for razor-sharp shot accuracy and precision.

-Guaranteed 4:1 client to skating movement specialist ratios, with a maximum of 12 clients on the ice per session

-Apex Skating innovative on-ice video technology for maximal instruction, visual learning, and personalized feedback

Minto Skating Centre (2571 Lancaster Road, Ottawa, ON), Tuesdays:

April: 14th (8:30PM-9:30PM), 21st (8PM-9PM), 28th (7PM-8PM)

May: 5th (8PM-9PM), 12th (8PM-9PM), 19th (8PM-9PM), 26th (5:30PM-6:30PM)

June: 2nd (5:30PM-6:30PM), 9th (5:30PM-6:30PM), 16th (5:30PM-6:30PM), 23rd (5:30PM-6:30PM), 30th (6PM-7PM)