Tier One Fall Hockey Development Program 06/07/08/09 (Nepean - Bronze Package)

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Tier One Fall Hockey Development Program 06/07/08/09 (Nepean - Silver Package - 8 Sessions)


The Tier One Hockey Development Program is a high-performance hockey development program created to help elite hockey players elevate their game to the next level. The program comprises of a periodized and structured hybrid on-ice curriculum integrating skills and drills from our Performance Skating Program, Close Quarter Battle Program and Dynamic Reactive Training Program.


The Tier One Program is designed to improve technical skating, puckhandling/passing, shooting technique, situational awareness, reaction skills, and team communication/tactics. Each practice session is executed in a high-tempo environment where players have the ability to learn new techniques, push their limits and increase their confidence – all under the supervision of our team of skating movement specialists.


The Tier One Program coincides with Long Term Athlete Development models and will help players improve technical hockey skills and build confidence with purpose-driven practice and with on-ice training volume adjusted to ensure that players benefit from developing their hockey skills as they enter their off-season.


Apex Skating is offering three registration packages to provide flexible attendance options with a balance to other commitments such as academics and off-ice training schedules. 18 participants maximum per session with 1:6 coaching group ratios.


*Note: Due to current events, ice sessions will be announced on a monthly basis. Purchased Tier One sessions can be utilized anytime between September to December. 


*Once a package is purchased, please e-mail info@apexskating.com to schedule attendance for training sessions in advance.


October Dates
5th (5PM - Bell Centennial Arena)
7th (5PM - Minto Recreational Complex Barrhaven)
10th (10AM-12PM - Bell Centennial Arena)
14th (5:15PM - Nepean Sportsplex Arena 2)
15th (8PM - Merivale Arena)
17th (3PM-5PM - Minto Recreational Complex Barrhaven)
18th (12PM-2PM - Nepean Sportsplex Arena 1)
19th (5-6 and 6-7PM-Merivale Arena)
21st (5PM - Nepean Sportsplex Arena 1)
22nd (8PM - Walter Baker)
24th (10AM-12PM - Bell Centennial Arena)
26th (5-6pm - Sportsplex #1)
28th (5:15-6:15 and 6:15-7:15PM- Nepean Sportsplex Arena 3)
29th (8-9PM Barbara Ann Scott)
31st (10AM-12PM - Bell Centennial Arena)

November Dates

2nd (5pm Sportsplex #1)
4th (7-8 and 8-9pm Sportsplex #1)
9th (7pm-Minto Rec)
11th (5pm - Minto Rec)
13th (5pm - Barbara Ann Scott)
16th (7pm - Minto Rec)
18th (5pm - Minto Rec)
20th (5pm - Minto Rec)
25th (5pm - Minto Rec)

December Dates
2nd (5pm - Minto Rec)
4th (5pm - Minto Rec)
9th (5pm -Minto Rec)
11th (6pm - Minto Rec)
16th (5pm - Minto Rec)
18th (6pm - Minto Rec)
21st (8pm - Minto Rec)
28th (8pm - Minto Rec)

30th(8pm - Minto Rec)