Dynamic Reactive Training Program
Dynamic Reactive Training Program
Dynamic Reactive Training Program

Winter 2021 Dynamic Reactive Training™ Program - South/East Ottawa (Minto) - Wednesday Afternoons

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The Dynamic Reactive Training™ Program is an advanced hockey skill development program integrating our proprietary cognitive/visual training system, IQVision™. The DRT Program is designed to enhance the neuro-cognitive processes of reaction timing, decision-making, and multi-tasking in conjunction with the visual acuity elements of situational awareness, peripheral vision, and depth perception.

The DRT Program comprises of a progressive curriculum designed to challenge hockey skill development in an engaging and immersive multi-sensory environment. Apex Skating athletes work with our team of skating movement specialists in our 4:1 small group ratios for maximal active coaching and individualized feedback. Each athlete also receives a complimentary Apex Skating branded hockey jersey.

For more information on the science of reactive training, click here for our blog post on OODA Loop.

Minto Skating Centre (2571 Lancaster Road, Ottawa, ON), Wednesday Afternoons, 4:30PM-5:30PM

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